Insaaniyat: the need for an attitude change

After witnessing the incidents of the last few days where many people lost their lives due to the presumed shia-sunni conflict and many similar incidents that have been occurring in our society, we felt a dire need to take an initiative of promoting the spirit of insaaniyat (humanity).

Whenever such incidents occur whether we attribute them to Shai-sunni, deobandi-barelvi, muslim-christian, mohajir-pathan (list goes on.. ) conflicts, the biggest question that arises is not what is the nature of our differences, the point is why do we always generate conflicts out of our differences. The problem is not with having or developing differences, the problem is with our attitude as to how we manage these differences.

Every society consists of individuals and these individuals have different personalities, preferences, experiences, needs and beliefs. it is perfectly normal to have different views and to belong to different groups or schools of thought but does that mean we need to fight and blame and kill each other. This is not just about differences, it’s a deep rooted attitude that we can not tolerate anyone who is not like us. This attitude has impaired us to such a degree that we cannot hold any debate on any topic because we are unable to take the views of the other party, because we just loose our tempers and start personal attacks on each other and then starts the endless war of putting labels on one another.

We often complaint after such incidences that humanity is suffering, but how will we operationalize this “humanity”, “insaaniyat” in our lives. This can be done by inculcating an attitude of giving space to people who have different beliefs than ours. And taking another step by not just stop hating each other for what’s different among us but also shifting the focus to and appreciating the things that we have in common. And the first common thing is that we are all humans who individually are endeavouring to make our lives better and meaningful. We can certainly help each other in this journey and share with them the stuff we think is right, but we can’t force them in anyway.


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